Wednesday, October 25, 2006

tpan #037 - Rapunzel can't drive for crap!

Giddy Up *** MUSIC1// People suck at driving!! // Saying sorry // Rapunzel Commercial // Relax Day // Geoff Smith's podcast // Mona Family photo with Jackie and me // Fishy Heaven // Paul Murray Show // Bad Teeth podcast // Disgusting Australian News! (Knoxville condemns DVD video)//

1 "Two tickets to the Gun Show" by o.b.e. [PMN] [mS]
2 "Liberty Jones" by The Shakes [PMN] [mS] [YT]

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

tpan #036 - Relationshipisming

Giddy Up *** MUSIC1 // Nova969 // Bad Teeth // Relationshipisming // Weird Al Yankovic (mS) // MSN Messenger nicknames // Sneaky Sound System @ Circular Quay (mS) // My Birthday (LiveTalk) // Shownotes Style // The Divine Symmetry @ Mona this Sat // Mona Vs The Steyne // MUSIC2 // I won I WON!! //

1 "Creep Circuit" by Bad Teeth
2 "My Design" by The Divine Symmetry

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The Divine Symmetry @ Mona this Sat!

For those in Sydney.

This Saturday the 28th of October, my friend's band, The Divine Symmetry are playing at The Mona Vale Hotel's bandroom from 2000hrs (8pm).
I'll be there taking photos and video with my friend.

It's going to be awesome!

Monday, October 02, 2006

tpan #035 - No Mentos Required

Giddy up! *** Behind the scenes of TPAN: Shownotes // MUSIC1 // TPAN Weather // Google Calendar ROCKS! // Derek's birthday is in October! // Beeeach! // On holidays // Warpland (short story by Derek Steen) - YOU can be a character voice! E-mail me. // Photography Portfolio (DeviantArt) // Catching up on podcasts // MacGyver // Family Guy Movie // The Grey Section Podcast // The NodCast // Voicemail lines // Pacific Coast Hellway // 7th Son // File Extensions // Ruckus: Bowling, Diet Coke & Mentos // The Wanna Be Canadian // More TPAN Weather: Summer/Snow // Talladega Nights // TPAN Weather continued.. // mySpace sucks //

1 "Soul Personality" by Bluesmen Get Hungry [PMN]

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