Friday, December 01, 2006

tpan #039 - Relationshipisming II

Giddy Up!***

- Welcome to summer in Sydney! Global warming style.
- The Armed Chair
- DNA11
- 7th Son Beta Clone Shirts!
- Swob
- "Eh" had a dream about me...
- Amelia bit her cheek!
- Sneaky Sound System (mS)
- PodSafe Music
- Mission Life
- That Happy Feeling
- Relationshipisming II
- Sydney Nightlife Explained!
- Relationshipisming II (cont.)
- College is over!
- Warpland (e-mail me here to extend the story!)
- The Love Dentist will be back some day soon!
- TPAN on mySpace

1 "Car Chase Theme" by Big Money Grip [PMN]
2 "Sing It Back" by Moloko [PMN] [mS]
3 "Some Christmas Huggin and Kissin" by Geoff Smith [PMN] [mS]

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