Saturday, September 23, 2006

LiveGabe @ Mona

I'm a little late deciding to post this but what the who.
It's an awesome cause for a friend (practically everyone knows of him) who's in hospital at the moment and even if you don't know of him it's a wicked set of bands for a cheap as price!

Check it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

tpan #034 - All Things Considered

Giddy up! *** MUSIC1 // 40BPM in this episode // Father's Day // Distractions // MUSIC2 // Übercaster (working on getting tpan #031 online) // Guys Day Out in the City // DeviantArt (check out my photography) // Content4TPAN: Make photography, graphic design, intros/outros, and more for TPAN // Need Photography/Graphic Design? Derek's yo man! // City2Surf video // Wicked podcasts: Mission Life, The Grey Section, The NodCast (Schmee's back, almost), Scott Sigler's Earthcore, Perversion For Profit // Podcast Peer Awards // 7th Son, Book 2: Deceit LAUNCHES Sept. 26! // Google Calendar // Dream about staying with Adam Curry's family // DJSteen Double Whammy: MUSIC3 & MUSIC4 // Wizz Fizz Explained! // Derek chokes on sherbet // Pink Wish Tim Tams // Pay It Forward/My Name Is Earl // Extras // Maria joins the show // I Am Nerd (Promo) //

1 "Rupture" by Pierre Journel
2 "Places She's Been" by PC Munoz [PMN]
3 "Dance" (LIVE at Montreux) by Candy Dulfer [PMN]
4 "Do Watchu Like" (LIVE at Montreux) by Candy Dulfer [PMN]

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