Saturday, November 22, 2008

tpan #085 - American Derk

Giddy Up! ***

I'm live with Leah. This is truly amazingness!

This episode was broadcast live on Ustream. Recorded on 2nd July, 2008.

- I'm in the USA!
- Washington D.C. (photos)
- Leah chomps Wizz Fizz
- &
- TPAN Merch
- Going to school is wayy giddy.
- EatSleepTweet (Affiliate program).
- New York; Hard Rock Cafe (photos), Hershey's Store, M&Ms Store, umm FiOs.
- EVDO / Lifecasting.
- 5th Ave Apple Store. [video]
- We're going to meet up with Rob Sandie (president of Viddler), Caitlin Hill, Railei and Viktoriyaä.
- Summer Heights High; 'povo', 'bogan'. [Pre-order on Amazon]
- 'Heaps', 'pardon', and other Australian colloquialisms.
- Merch for TPAN fans. Rather giddy, I reckon!

Music: "Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp" by Gameboy/Gamegirl

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