Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warpland - My short story

Check out my podcast short story Warpland!
All 5 shows available by the end of this week!

If you want to write part of the story and make it into
a full length podcast novel e-mail the warpland e-mail.

Check out Warpland, by Derek Jay Steen, now!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

tpan #038 - Fillion Excited!

Giddy Up! ***
- Michael's Birthday! YEWWww!
- 7th Son (Nathan Fillion appears on 14th Nov!)
- Nathan Fillion (IMDb)
- Bondi Beach on Google Maps
- Sculpture By The Sea 2006
- "JBM - Hanged" on YT
- Cell phone recording formats
- Big Day Out 2007
- My brain
- Mayze being crazy
- Warpland (my short story podcast)
- Brain Buckit
- Lonelygirl15 (Bree's videos/Gemma's videos)
- Movember
- Staying out late...
- 7th Son: Book Two: Deceit PROMO (subscribe to 7th Son NOW!)

1 "Run Rabbit/The Chase" by Brain Buckit [PMN] [mS]

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