Thursday, February 08, 2007

tpan #055 - r u calling your PRODUCER a BABY?!!

Giddy Up! ***

- Australia Day 2007 (Google's Aust. Day | Microsoft's Aust. Day | TPAN Flickr)
- Australia Day 2006; Archive: tpan#004
- Superbowl XLI- Jackie at Drama; Poop scene
- Random guy that walked past drama with library books
- Teresa Pan blog
- American lady I met at Sugar Fix and discussed my podcast
- Die-Pods article
- Twitter (my twitter)

Shows mentioned: Pacific Coast Hellway, Daily Source Code, Tips From The Top Floor, Accident Hash.

"Chuck Norris" by Supafloss (mS)
Intro and background music by Derek K. Miller

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