Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tpan #078 - You've had enough

Giddy Up! ***

- Producer's Intro
- TPAN #077 kept you busy?
- The last 4 months
- New podcasts
- Anji Bee Chillcast promo
- Clothing/Merchandise
- Brandice's audio comment; When/Where/How I'm doing the DJSteen USA Tour 2008.

Shows/people mentioned: Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, CC Chapman, Anji Bee, Leah, iJustine.

Music: "The Carnival Clown Balloon Popper" by Edgar Malaran [PMN] [mS]
"The Music" by David Usher [PMN]
"If This Geek Ruled The World" by Geoff Smith [PMN]
"Hello Hello" by Geoff Smith [PMN]
"Lost My Way" by Matthew Ebel [PMN]
"Heartstrings" (ft. DJ Pain1 and El Guante 2005) by Anji Bee [PMN]

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