Thursday, February 14, 2008

tpan #080 - Begin the USA excitement!

Giddy Up! ***

Guest host Leah joins me for this wonderful first episode for 2008.

- Introductions, Blockles, and pizza
- New years greetings
- 2 years of TPAN
- How do you know if your computer is male or female?
- Dane Cook (*insert audio snipit*) (Play Rough Around The Edges)
- USA Tour 2008
- Pump Up The Volume (DVD)
- Sneaky Sound System

"TPAN vs MELLOW GOLDMINE" by Mellow Goldmine (mySpace)
"I Was A Lifecaster" by Justine Ezarik (Video)

Shows/people mentioned: The NodCast, iJustine, Brandice, Tips From The Top Floor (Workshop), Pacific Coast Hellway

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