Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Need Garageband Help!

Shit guys!

I edited the whole tpan #024 and now it keeps exporting as 1hr and 6mins long. I move the little purple "end-of-project marker" to where it's MEANT to end but everytime I save it or export it moves back to 1hr 6mins.

I'm really frustrated and I need to get this show to you guys!

If anyone can help I'd really appriciate it!

Please e-mail me: nothingpodshow (at) gmail dot com


  • At 8:18 am AEST, Blogger Schmee said…

    Hey Derek,

    I know the feeling! Usually the problem for me is that there's a tiny chunk of audio at the end of the file... If you go in a delete it, it should be fine... Hope you work it out!



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