Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Giddy Up everyone! PodShow+ is unleashing REALLY soon!! (damn! I wanted to see Adam with a really long beard that'd he'd have to get the fags from Dignation to carry for him - so long as they don't touch any other part of his body. God I love PCH!)

I'm in the Show!"> Podshow PDN {podshow-d144f90224f202263827afa79993b412}

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-a6786d1d7c042dacd909601efd29e07d}

Friday, June 16, 2006

GBR Holiday

Howdy nothing-doers!

I'm sorry I couldn't get out a show before I left for The Great Barrier Reef Holiday. I'm at Sarah's house at the moment and we have to go to bed soon!

I'll be recording some shows which will get out when I return to Sydney. Some video podcasts too :D

I hope y'all have a giddy week!

Peace out!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tpan #0606 060606 - Special Devil Edition

Listen before 06/06/06! *** Yes, a once in a universe time has occured again! It's 0606hrs and the date is 06/06/06. Wicked! The PodTea For Cancer donations have been sent! So I wrapped that up for 2006 and I'm excited about PodTea For Cancer 2007!
I'm going on TWO holidays now! You'll be getting some great shows from Hamilton Island & Lindeman Island. Both on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A week after that I'll be going down to Thredbo... the snow babby! Giddy up!
Oh, and J.C. Hutchins e-mail!!! Giddy up!


Download podcast: m4a

Thursday, June 01, 2006

tpan #027 - Promotional Galore

Giddy up! *** This is full of promotions! It's nuts! There's soo many good podcasts, music, and other nothingness out there I think I just need to get it all known now. The promos played are: PodCheck Review // Lip Gloss and Laptops // Geekbrief TV // Scott Siglers: INFECTION // Killroy 2.0 is here // J.C. Hutchins: 7th Son, Book 1: Decent // Design a logo for your show!! //

PODSAFE MUSIC: "Like A Fool" by Sonny Combs and Kitty Kat Rodeo [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Smokey Light" by Derek James [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Rise Above Adversity" by Matadors [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Space Cow!" by Peeper Radio Theatre [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "The Evil Leg" by The Fabrications [PMN]

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