Thursday, June 01, 2006

tpan #027 - Promotional Galore

Giddy up! *** This is full of promotions! It's nuts! There's soo many good podcasts, music, and other nothingness out there I think I just need to get it all known now. The promos played are: PodCheck Review // Lip Gloss and Laptops // Geekbrief TV // Scott Siglers: INFECTION // Killroy 2.0 is here // J.C. Hutchins: 7th Son, Book 1: Decent // Design a logo for your show!! //

PODSAFE MUSIC: "Like A Fool" by Sonny Combs and Kitty Kat Rodeo [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Smokey Light" by Derek James [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Rise Above Adversity" by Matadors [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Space Cow!" by Peeper Radio Theatre [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "The Evil Leg" by The Fabrications [PMN]

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