Thursday, May 18, 2006

tpan #024 - PodTea For Cancer

Giddy Up! *** PodTea For Cancer // CafePress TPAN Store // Official Morning Tea - LiveTalk Skype chat // Australian News Recap (Miners, CH9 pays almost $3 Million for miners' story, Sophie Delezio) // Jupiter & the Moon // Saturday night out at The Steyne // Epic 2014 // Schmee makes world history on The NodCast! // Maria joins me for a moment // New Copyright Laws // Traffic Light Party // Mission Life podcast //

Intro: "World's Biggest Morning Tea" by Geoff Smith
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Lies, Spin, Truth (45 Minutes)" by Quantum Soul [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "World's Biggest Morning Tea" by Geoff Smith [PMN]

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  • At 8:48 am AEST, Blogger Schmee said…


    Congrats on being on the DSC! I heard it this morning! Yay!!! I just wanted to let you know, though, that there can only be 5 people on Skype at a time... How are you going to get around that?


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