Thursday, March 01, 2007

tpan #059 - Also Known As God

Giddy Up! ***

- LiveTalk #005
- USA dates finally make sense
- Amelia sneezed a lot
- New podcasts
- Warpland (e-mail your extension to the story!)
- 130kg/286lbs man breaks chair in my Mall's food court
- Bought Leah a new domain name on Go Daddy
- Sugar Fix Stories cont. (Nice customers)
- New segement on TPAN!
- Sugar Fix Stories cont. (A friend I peer mentored)
- Obsessed with buying domains on Go Daddy
- My Tumblr

"Monkey News" by Arkana Music [PMN] [mS] -- Performing at Tranzac on March 28th (Info | Map)
"No Candy" by The Fighting Cocks [PMN] [iTunes] [mS] [YT]

Shows/People mentioned: Mission Life, The Nodcast, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, J.C. Hutchins, Scott Sigler.

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