Saturday, May 12, 2007

tpan #066 - Eating Twitter

Giddy Up! ***

- Eating Twitter
- My week without mySpace
- mySpace Suicide [article]
- Baby and Cobra [video]
- New Earth-like planet outside out solar system discovered [article]
- Pondering on getting a cool new mic for my podcast "studio"
- PodTea For Cancer (PTFC Store)
- Win Norton Internet Security 2007 by submitting an intro for "Whinge About Nothing"

Shows mentioned: The Rest Of Everest | Tibet2007, Derek "The Bandit's" SOUND REPUBLIC

Music: "Ethereal Rift" by Edgar Malaran [PMN] [mS]
"Emo Days -- Daddy, Why Did You Wear Girl Pants?" by WWIII [PMN]

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