Saturday, March 31, 2007

tpan #061 - Derek TV? (repost)

Sorry about the loads of blank spaces in the first release of this episode. Delete the old file and download this one!

Giddy Up! ***

- Women watching men do work
- Cleaned up my room; life in order-
- iTunes 7.1.1(5)
- Yahoo!: Jumpcut/
- Candace didn't make this episode
- Cavemanscrib
- Jackie & Mom say a hello
- Hammer & Coop [YT]
- Flickr update (TPAN photo pool)
- TV Networks during easter = argh!
- Ancestor promo (Ancestor on Podiobooks | Ancestor Blog | BUY ANCESTOR on Amazon)
- Earth Hour

"Control Alt Delete" by Lotek [mS]
"I Want A Better Life" (Coley Remix) by The Shakes [PMN] [mS] [YT]
"I Want A Better Life" (DR Remix) by The Shakes [PMN] [mS] [YT]

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  • At 1:14 pm AEST, Anonymous cheryl chedid said…


    this is the only way i can contact you...i have no internet anymore till the 17th and my maths teacher thinks im doing work on the comp...haha!

    but anyways thnx for putting the pics up on flickr.....ure a legend!!

    well anyways im off.....but ive got tickets for the show for the friday i think......if u guys still wanna come.....

    haha by the way this podshow rcoks!



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