Saturday, July 07, 2007

tpan #077 - 7/7/7 and beyond!

Giddy Up! *** The Big One!

- Brandice's comment
- Tasmania is part of Australia
- Party like it's 1977
- The year 7777
- July 7th, 2007: Events
Shows mentioned: Shedtroll, Daxflame.

Music: "Seven Eleven" by Chillerstadt [PMN]
"Boy Seventeen" by Delphinium Blue [PMN] [Buy now!]
"Seven Drunken Nights" by Brobdingnagian Bards [PMN] [Buy now!]
"Fiberoptic Ribbon" by 37hz [PMN]
"Less Than Seven" by 37hz [PMN]
"Seven Seas of Rhye" by Queen [Buy it now]
"Seven Beer Bitch" by Adrenaline Factor [PMN]
"7" by Prince [Buy it now]

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