Monday, July 02, 2007

tpan #072 - MeToday For An iPhone!

Giddy Up! *** Jackie is my guest tonight.

- Derek K. Miller
- LiveEat: Nestle White Knight
- Explain Pownce to me..
- Why dump twice when you can OneDump?
- Other online storage: MediaMax
- Viddler's giving away 2 iPhones! [Info video]
- iPhone roundup: Waiting for iPhones [Viddler/Technology Evangelist/Cali Lewis], Opening iPhones [Joe Dowdell/iJustine/Cali Lewis], Breaking iPhones [Systm/GSGFlash].
- My short film, "Warning".

Shows mentioned: Penmachine, My MeToday.

Music: "You're The Big Sky" by Derek K. Miller [PMN] [Buy Album]
"Sweet Dreams" by Chris Rusu [PMN]

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