Saturday, January 28, 2006

tpan #003 - CarCast 1 + more! (re-edited)

Once again I listened to my show once it was uploaded and I noticed some more pops and crackles, and I couldn't hear myself at times due to bg music. Hopefully this is more listener friendly.

Welcome..... to the world of the CarCast!

In this episode of TPAN I review the stunningly simple Hyundai Elantra! Ta da!

Before and after that I'll get into what I've done in the past few days like having a SMASHING good time at an 18th birthday party ANNDD more about Australia Day!

+ More about Tea Pans.... when will the topic end??????

Podsafe Music: "iPod Shuffle" by Caked On Stripes.
CarCast #1: Hyundai Elantra (specs here, photos here)

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