Monday, December 18, 2006

tpan #042 - Paper bag today, not plastic

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Giddy Up!***

- Roar
- New Yayyyy!
- Send in your "yayyy"
- LiveTalk
- Christmas Shopping
- My Christmas Card
- Christmas Lights on Borgnis
- Sarah sent me a Christmas Card
- LiveEat: Frys Chocolate Cream, Peppermint Cream, Orange Cream
- Lord Weatherby
- Lord Tomo's Decree
- Cheryl's Brownies!
- TPAN Fan Hall Of Fame?
- TPAN & GS Ep 50

1 "Badass Chirren" by Psykosoul [PMN] [mS]
2 "Santa Claus Is Freaking Me Out" by Lord Weatherby [PMN]

Sites mentioned: Munk, Lord Weatherby, Mission Life, The Grey Section.


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