Thursday, February 02, 2006

tpan #005 - Yourpasshinit in Kyndelsmässodagen

Howdy doodie nothing-ers.

This Show: (length - 1:01:53)
- New alphabet
- Global Public Holidays
- Sydney is HOT/HUMID! No shirt!
- Eating a 16cm diametre lollipop (lick lick)
- Joke (Passhinit Truck driver)
- Acting (Puff Commercial, McDonalds)
- TV Shows
- Cordless phone death
- Royal Bontanic Gardens
- My NEW Promo!
- Running between "House" & promo making
- Listener feedback WANTED (audio comments too please)
- Big Day Out 2006 (feedback wanted!)
- Mom enters!
- Sydney Licencing (info here!)
- Michael's e-mail! :D
- More acting: Home & Away, Commercials, $$, Northshore Actors
- Another CarCast (listen to mine here [mp3])
- Dream cars (send me feedback)
- Public holidays (Yahoo! search)
- PodOmatic
- Australia's Biggest Morning Tea sponser?

Podsafe Music: "Car Chase Theme" by Big Money Grip
Podsafe Music: "The Other Side" by CLING (Cling PMN)

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