Saturday, January 28, 2006

tpan #004 - Australia Day Delayed due to....

Well well well.. if the end of your week was FrEAkinG crazy then you better listen to what happened to me because I can assure you it was way more hectic!

This Show: (length - 1 hour, 4 minutes, 20 seconds)
- Australia Day EXPLAINED (for those international listeners)
- E-mail from Michael (N. California)
- Derek's internationalian/individualist ways
- My acting career
- Sarah's car accident :(
- Brushing your teeth
- London Underground song/site
- My fishies
- Bloopers

Podsafe Music: "Cosmosphere" by The Serotonin Anvil

London Underground song (flash video)
Slang Portal: All Countries, Australian Slang
Difference between British & American words
Pacific Coast Hellway
Derek's Flickr photos (including photos from CarCast)

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tpan #003 - CarCast 1 + more! (re-edited)

Once again I listened to my show once it was uploaded and I noticed some more pops and crackles, and I couldn't hear myself at times due to bg music. Hopefully this is more listener friendly.

Welcome..... to the world of the CarCast!

In this episode of TPAN I review the stunningly simple Hyundai Elantra! Ta da!

Before and after that I'll get into what I've done in the past few days like having a SMASHING good time at an 18th birthday party ANNDD more about Australia Day!

+ More about Tea Pans.... when will the topic end??????

Podsafe Music: "iPod Shuffle" by Caked On Stripes.
CarCast #1: Hyundai Elantra (specs here, photos here)

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

tpan #002 - Sunday Tea Pans

Live from Sydney Australia!

Today we have a song for y'all. Talkin' more about Tea Pans, Australia Day, and Podsafe music downloading as a movie?!.

Do Nothing.

Podsafe music: "The West Coast Cat" by Bluesmen Get Hungry

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tpan #001 - Welcome!

Welcome all do nothing-ers!

I'll record whenever the hell I feel like it.. as you can tell from this midnight recording. So I probably won't be daily like the DSC, PCH, or TNC, but I will entertain as much as I can.

Just remember this podshow is about nothing so if you want something you shouldn't be here.

This first show is trash as I only had 10mintues (I'm using CastBlaster trial). I only had time to really simply say who I am and what forced me to start this show.

No Podsafe music due to lack of time.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Testing testing

I'm just testing out to see if this works. If it does then I shall be broadcasting asap! Fingers crossed!

I'm going to submit this "Hello" I made for The NodCast (in December last year) to places like feedburner and see if it works in iTunes etc.

Get the audio of my "Hello" to The NodCast: HERE!

The feeds are available at the top of the page. I'm not in iTunes yet, but should be soon.

Thanks to Schmee from The NodCast for testing my feed out! It WORKS :D If it DOESN'T work for you then please e-mail me at: here and I'll see if I can fix the problem.

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