Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tpan #026 - Soundseeing: Warringah Mall Foodcourt

Giddy Up! *** I mention what's coming up in the next few episodes of TPAN. The main content of this show is the Soundseeing Tour I did whilst at the Warringah Mall Foodcourt. It was, of course, full of nothing.

PodSafe Intro: "You're the Big Sky" (rock guitar instrumental) by Derek K. Miller [PMN]

Exclusive content from this show.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Rock On San Fran!

I wish I could make it to this! PodShow is holding The PodSafe Rock Show this weekend! I hope some PodSafe artists make it to Sydney soon! :)

3 Bands In The City
Saturday, May 27
Red Devil Lounge
1695 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 921-1695
Purchase Tickets

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

tpan #025 - Napping for LiveTalk

Giddy Up! *** Nap // Derek's cooking photos // Photos & Photography // Tips From The Top Floor (promo) // PodTea For Cancer (SkypeCast) // World's Biggest Morning Tea also at College // What "TAFE" actually means! // 100% for ANOTHER assignment.. what?! // Exciting things happening for The Podshow About Nothing! // Derek's DeviantArt page // New TPAN photo page // Promos you e-mail me WILL be played! // Derek's superb cooking // TPAN Snow Trip 2006 - July 2nd-7th @ Thredbo // USA Trip 2005 // Video editing // The FUTURE of TPAN; From In The Nut House, FamilyCast, TPAN Films // Help Wanted // PodTea For Cancer Triple-Cap // The O.C. //

PODSAFE MUSIC: "This Too Shall Pass" (live) by Matthew Ebel [PMN]

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 active/online!

I purchased on 22nd of May (2006) and now it's online. So if you want anymore information about PodTea For Cancer, please go there. :)

I've also setup the PodTea For Cancer blog. There's not much too it at the moment but, hey, it's there if I have any updates about the event.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

tpan #024 - PodTea For Cancer

Giddy Up! *** PodTea For Cancer // CafePress TPAN Store // Official Morning Tea - LiveTalk Skype chat // Australian News Recap (Miners, CH9 pays almost $3 Million for miners' story, Sophie Delezio) // Jupiter & the Moon // Saturday night out at The Steyne // Epic 2014 // Schmee makes world history on The NodCast! // Maria joins me for a moment // New Copyright Laws // Traffic Light Party // Mission Life podcast //

Intro: "World's Biggest Morning Tea" by Geoff Smith
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Lies, Spin, Truth (45 Minutes)" by Quantum Soul [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "World's Biggest Morning Tea" by Geoff Smith [PMN]

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Uploading tpan #024 now...

I'm sick of it! I'm not going to waste any more time on freakin Garageband 3!

I'm uploading an .mp3 version of the file now. You'll just have to deal with not having the 'enhanced part' this time. Sorry guys! Especially if you're new to the show!

(The problem I'm having is something to do with the Podcast Track in GB. I deleted it and it exports fine. If anyone has experience with this problem still feel free to e-mail me, please.)

Die Garageband Die!

Okay, so I got around the little purple marker thing by importing the 1hr:06min file into a new GB Project.

But now Garageband won't export the file. It just hangs there with the blue and white zebra-type moving thing.

ARGH!! I'm going to KILLL Garageband! ARrrGGHHhh!

(If anyone's experienced this before PLEASE e-mail me now!)

Almost there..

Sorry about the delay with tpan #024 guys! I had to finally resort to calling Apple Care!

I just have to add some of the text to the regions and then I'll export and it will be up. Sadly, I have to go to a Mountain Dew audtion now so it won't be up until tonight (my time).

Thanks for being so patient :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Need Garageband Help!

Shit guys!

I edited the whole tpan #024 and now it keeps exporting as 1hr and 6mins long. I move the little purple "end-of-project marker" to where it's MEANT to end but everytime I save it or export it moves back to 1hr 6mins.

I'm really frustrated and I need to get this show to you guys!

If anyone can help I'd really appriciate it!

Please e-mail me: nothingpodshow (at) gmail dot com

Friday, May 12, 2006

tpan #023 - Big Brother, Small Creativity

Recommended for Mature elephants. That means reallly old!

Giddy Up! *** 4 Podsafe Music Songs // Derek K. Miller // Cold in Sydney // Much news in Australia; Trapped Miners (photos), Sophie Delezio // Elderly Drivers // TPAN Mature // "Spidermania" with Rick West // Tiki Bar TV // Ask A Ninja // Mark Yoshimotto Nemcoff; PCH207; BB Rant Prelude // Big Brother Rant (Includes: Dancing with the Stars & The Biggest Fat F**k) // Epic 2014 (Epic 2015 - the Update, only watch after you've seen 2014) // The Truman Show (Big Nation) // LiveTalk #3 // TPAN Dream // LiveTalk Fight // Second Life // World's Biggest Morning Tea // Cyprina's e-mail re: Name Alphabet //

PODSAFE MUSIC: "Cold Cloth and Ice Pack" by Derek K. Miller [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Paparazzi French Fries" by Schmee [PMN]
PODSAFE MUSIC: "Billy Bob" by Schmee

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

CafePress store has TPAN Giddies!

I've spent my whole morning making some merchandise for the TPAN Giddy Store!

I've got stickers, T-Shirts, and boxer shorts. Let me know if you'd like anything else available. I'm going to have pretty much anything available with a TPAN logo, but let me know if you'd like me to design for something in particular first.
There's heaps of things like mugs, mouse pads, baby clothes, jackets, polo shirts, different coloured t-shirts, shorts, pants, thongs (lol), different stickers, pins, magnets, + more.

Let me know what you guys want :)

Ps. tpan #023 is uploaded but it's being stupid again. Keep looking in the feed. It will be there soon!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

PodTea For Peace website

I've created a website for "PodTea For Cancer". It gives you a bit of background on the event and you can also donate on that page too.

E-mail me if you have any problems donating or want to be a part of the actual morning tea on/near 25th May.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

tpan #022 - Some kind of update

Giddy Up! *** House // PodShow // Beyond Tomorrow // Ski Trip 2006 // Second Life // Podshow Sydney (NAS) // Comment for Adam Curry Re: World's Biggest Mornign Tea // Nervousness? // The World's Biggest Morning Tea // Hatred BB rant coming on TPAN #023 // My Birthday // College SHOUT OUTS // Australian Chocolate //

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