Monday, December 18, 2006

tpan #042 - Paper bag today, not plastic

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Giddy Up!***

- Roar
- New Yayyyy!
- Send in your "yayyy"
- LiveTalk
- Christmas Shopping
- My Christmas Card
- Christmas Lights on Borgnis
- Sarah sent me a Christmas Card
- LiveEat: Frys Chocolate Cream, Peppermint Cream, Orange Cream
- Lord Weatherby
- Lord Tomo's Decree
- Cheryl's Brownies!
- TPAN Fan Hall Of Fame?
- TPAN & GS Ep 50

1 "Badass Chirren" by Psykosoul [PMN] [mS]
2 "Santa Claus Is Freaking Me Out" by Lord Weatherby [PMN]

Sites mentioned: Munk, Lord Weatherby, Mission Life, The Grey Section.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

tpan #041 - DEREK! AT THE DISCO

Giddy Up!***

- Intro by Leah
- Pancakes On The Rocks Soundseeing
- Flickr Photo Pool: POTR Photos
- SCHOOLIES Explained
- Recording @ 40BPM
- GoDaddy is better than anything else I can find!
- DJSteen Double Whammy: MUSIC 2 & 3
- What we discovered about Jessie at POTR
- CigArrest: Quit smoking for FREE!
- The Rest Of Everest
- Jessie says 'Matt' & Matt says 'Craig'.

Shows mentioned: The Bitterest Pill, The Rest Of Everest.

1 "Hey Sexy" by Psykosoul [PMN] [mS]
2 "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage" by Panic! At The Disco [PMN] [mS]
3 "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic! At The Disco [PMN] [mS]

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Models wanted for TPAN

I'm looking for fresh, young girls and boys --- hmm that sounds bad doesn' it.

Okay. The Podshow About Nothing is looking for girls and guys, in their late teens early twenties, to help promote TPAN. You can be located anywhere in the world, but I will have eyes where ever you are and need proof when you go out promoting (ie. jumping around like a lunatic).

All I need is you to send a photo and short reason why you think you'd be giddy at promoting TPAN to the world to me via e-mail.

Australian's & fans of the show should especially consider applying!

You will be given free TPAN merchandise and eventually could be getting paid!

Listen to tpan #040 for more information.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

tpan #040 - Master Of Suspense

Giddy Up!***

- Maria welcomes you
- The Love Dentist is here
- PodSafe Music Network not working
- My great photography story (see my photography here!)
- Domain names
- Can't think because I'm a retard!
- Domain names continued
- Man dies during British Airways flight (article)
- Name Alphabet, submit your name today!
- Help with 'www's in domain names
- I'm so old I can't remember anything!
- Shoutouts: Fran, Amelia, Cheryl from Sugar Fix.
- Technical Help wanted with website idea! Please e-mail me!
- Audition Secrets by Suzie Steen
- Calling models for TPAN! E-mail me your photos etc.
- Shout Out: Sam from Sugar Fix.
- The Love Dentist gives you some more tips. E-mail him your questions.

Shows mentioned: Pacific Coast Hellway, 7th Son Trilogy, Mission Life.
Other mentioned links: GoDaddy, Schoolies, Big Day Out, Pancakes On The Rocks.

1 "Dubcity" by SubCity Dwellers [PMN] [mS]
2 "Santa's Too Drunk To Drive" by The Hot Rods [PMN] [mS]

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Friday, December 01, 2006

tpan #039 - Relationshipisming II

Giddy Up!***

- Welcome to summer in Sydney! Global warming style.
- The Armed Chair
- DNA11
- 7th Son Beta Clone Shirts!
- Swob
- "Eh" had a dream about me...
- Amelia bit her cheek!
- Sneaky Sound System (mS)
- PodSafe Music
- Mission Life
- That Happy Feeling
- Relationshipisming II
- Sydney Nightlife Explained!
- Relationshipisming II (cont.)
- College is over!
- Warpland (e-mail me here to extend the story!)
- The Love Dentist will be back some day soon!
- TPAN on mySpace

1 "Car Chase Theme" by Big Money Grip [PMN]
2 "Sing It Back" by Moloko [PMN] [mS]
3 "Some Christmas Huggin and Kissin" by Geoff Smith [PMN] [mS]

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